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homepage_upper_featured-new-e1436191284864The world is experiencing a technological revolution, and the automotive service industry is definitely not exempt. Almost every aspect of the automotive service industry is affected by applications of new technologies. Knowledge is the ultimate tool and life-long learning is the only hope.


Students training for the automotive service industry face a future full of change and challenge. When you open the hood on a car 20 years from now, what will you see? Who, knows? The only sure bet is technology will drive everything. [MORE]


Many working technicians are challenged with digital technology that didn’t even exist when they entered the trade as little as ten years ago. To keep up in the automotive industry, it requires a commitment to lifelong upgrade training. [MORE]


Automotive instructors are challenged with new technologies within both the automotive service industry and the classroom. Traditional printed books, long form videos, and canned PowerPoint presentations are fading fast. [MORE]